Prenatal Yoga

Join other moms-to-be in a warm, caring and fun 5 week workshop!


This workout for expectant mothers includes stretching, breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques designed as preparation for childbirth. Practicing Kundalini Prenatal Yoga can help increase flexibility, decrease swelling and anxiety, and divert the pain of labor. Our nurturing class is safe for Mom and Baby, is 1 hr. long and a great way to stay active. It is also a great opportunity to meet and bond with other future moms. Prenatal Yoga can be practiced from week 12 until week 38th. On your last class you will be able to bring your partner so you can both relax and learn specific yoga techniques for a calmer and more harmonious delivery. 

Kundalini Prenatal Yoga classes are soft, it doesn't matter if you have never done yoga before. Actually a lot of babies bring the mommies to yoga! Our class is practiced on the floor and moves slowly, very mindful of the baby that is in an aquatic environment. It is tailored to soothe and give relief from pregnancy discomforts.  



Class is offered once a week for 5 weeks, join us for a full workshop or for a single class as a drop in.

What to bring

Comfortable clothes, nothing tight, 2 pillows, a thick yoga mat to sit on, a light shawl and your water bottle.


5 wk Workshop: $99 

Single class: $25

Reserve your spot fee: $20*(*deducted from $99 fee)​

Next class

FALL 2020

Prenatal Sign In sheet
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 COMPLETE THE SIGN IN SHEET AND SAVE YOUR SPACE WITH $20. Spaces in our class are offered on a first come first served basis, once the group is full you will have to wait until the next workshop opens up. Complete the Sign In Sheet and save your space with $20. You and your baby will be so happy that you did! 


The Prenatal Yoga class was great and the breathing exercises helped me during labor so much! Most of all they helped me set the tone for my entire labor. Thank you!  N. Pena

This course is absolutely amazing! I loved every single second of it when I was pregnant with the boys. You'll feel sooooo good at the end of each class. Highly recommended!  K. War

You have no idea how much what I learned in class helped me yesterday. It was one of many things that helped me to successfully have a completely unmedicated, vaginal birth! Thank you!!!  K. Flores

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